WordPress for websites

Ten Benefits of WordPress

Here at Kiwi Web Works, we love WordPress. It’s the world’s most popular open source CMS and has grown from humble beginnings as a blogging tool, to a powerful foundation for websites of all kinds, sizes and features.

About WordPress

WordPress was first rolled out in 2003 as a platform for online blogging. It was so successful that it has:

  • Boomed to command around a 25% share of the top 10 million websites
  • Become the content management software of choice for non-blogging websites
  • Been recommended by Google
  • Come to boast thousands of themes and tens of thousands of plugins

Benefits of WordPress

So what has made WordPress so successful and what are its benefits that has made it so popular? Here we will identify and discuss ten benefits of WordPress and why it may be the option of choice for you and your website.

 1. User Friendly

WordPress can be used by anyone as almost all its functions are intuitive and easy. Updates are easy, you don’t need to know computer programming languages and it is built on familiar easy to use platform. Its initiative interface means that your time spent on the website is greatly reduced. Powerful visual editors give the average user the ability to create beautiful, seamlessly designed content with no html or css knowledge.

2. Search Engine Friendly

WordPress’s underlying coding is neat and tidy, clean and simple – something that search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing love. This makes it easy for them to them to read and index your website’s content, or in other words, this means Google and other search engines can see what your website is about and recommend it to the right people searching for the information in your website – giving you an advantage over other static websites. Powerful SEO tools such as All in One SEO and Yoast give highly customisable options and settings to ensure everything from your xml sitemap, to your standard page content, is properly optimised.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is something we prioritise here at Kiwi Web Works – imagine creating the perfect website only to find that no one can ever find it? The WordPress websites we create are fully search engine optimised to maximize your site’s visibility on the web. We customise our service to cater to your unique needs and offer enhanced optimisation services if needed. If you have an existing website and you are concerned that it may not be very visible on the net, then we can ensure it is fully optimised and acheives great google rankings. Refer our blog on the importance of having your website optimised.

3. Maintenance friendly

WordPress is remarkably easy and affordable to maintain. Updating your website is typically a routine and straight forward affair (a frequently updated site is another feature that Google loves). WordPress is also so popular that there is a whole wealth of support and most problems and glitches are well known and accordingly so are the solutions to the problems. If you need help, you can rely on us to ensure your site is constantly updated and maintained.

4. Internet Browser Based

Being a browser based program you can access and work on it from any computer anywhere. All you need is an internet browser like ChromeMicrosoft Edge, Safari or Firefox and you’re laughing. You don’t need to install any special software on your computer and it doesn’t matter if your computer is running Windows, iOS or Linux. Just hop online, type in the address for your admin, log in and start editing. Updates are as easy as hitting the “Update” button and your changes are live!

 5. Website Customisability

WordPress is 100% customisable and can be designed and tweaked in an unlimited myriad of ways, completely transforming the appearance and functionality of your website beyond imagination. WordPress is so flexible it can be made to suit the unique needs and requirements of most industries – whether a small ma and pa business, a large online store, or a multi-franchised company.

6. WordPress Plugins

WordPress boasts tens of thousands of plugins covering almost anything you could possibly want for your website. Plugins expand the functionality of your website allowing you to do things like:

  • Sell products online
  • Take full credit card payments on your website
  • Insert a twitter feed
  • Add a beautiful photo gallery
  • Add share to social media options
  • Add complex contact/registration forms
  • Setup online surveys
  • List real estate
  • And much more.

On WordPress, finding and installing new plugins is as easy as doing a simple key word search, looking through the functions and ratings of the suggested plugins, downloading it and then activating it – much like downloading an app on your smart phone. Many plugins are free, however we often recommend the paid versions as these generally offer more features and better support.

Afterwards, configuring your new plugin to your specific requirements is normally a straight forward and intuitive affair, but if you get stuck or think it needs a more professional touch, we are happy to help.

7. Websites are Free to Grow

Another great advantage of WordPress is that you can add an unlimited number of pages and blog posts on your site – and no matter how many pages you add, it will not impact your site’s performance. However, for your site to grow naturally and grow in an organised fashion, it is important for your site to be well planned and designed from the very start.

8. Does not Require Complicated Computer Code

WordPress is designed for anyone to use. So you do not need to know any complicated computer coding. In fact our WordPress websites come with very powerful webpage building features enabling you to adjust, modify and tweak your site as you choose to make it look highly professional and stylish without any HTML or coding knowledge..

9. Multi-user

As WordPress is browser based, anyone can access it from anywhere in the world as well as multiple people simultaneously. All you need to do is set up someone’s account and security level on the website, send them the log in link and then they are free to access and edit it from their internet browser on their computer.

10. WordPress is Perfect for Blogging

WordPress’s original function was blogging, so its blogging capabilities are in-built and ready to go. You can very easily expand your site’s blogging capabilities like setting up RSS/email subscriptions to your blog, editing user’s commenting abilities, automatically displaying your latest blog somewhere else on your website (like on your homepage) and so much more. One of the fantastic strengths of WordPress is that not only is it ideal for bloggers, it is also fabulously suited for creating professional websites no matter the industry. From Ecommerce to real estate, from accommodation to retail, from blogging sites to tourism, WordPress’s CMS is ideal for building the prefect, highly professional and fully responsive website.


One more immensely valuable feature of WordPress is its trait of being fully responsive. Have you ever felt the frustration of visiting a website on your smartphone only to find the display is awful and designed for desktop computers? Well if you have you are not alone, Google says customers are 5x more likely to leave your website if is not responsive.  A massive amount of the internet traffic is now on smart phones and tablets and our WordPress built websites are designed to be fully responsive regardless of the device being used so that it displays beautifully and seamlessly on any device.


WordPress is a very simple, flexible and easy to use platform and immensely adaptable over a wide variety of industries. Here at Kiwi Web Works, we specialize in creating and adapting the ideal WordPress websites for you. Call us on 0800 999 549 to find out how we can help you.