Kiwi Hygiene Supplies

Kiwi Hygiene Supplies joined us in 2021 as a fledgling business. We’ve worked closely with Paul to streamline his product range, hone in on what resonates with this niche market, and leverage online marketing tools to drive success.

Witnessing the exponential growth has been incredibly fulfilling, with a 133,700% increase in tracked sales!

website redesign

Our task? Build an easily navigable and versatile ecommerce store for his diverse range of fire extinguishers, services, and cleaning and hygiene products, combined with a robust backend that handles all the processes required for a complex e-commerce store.

Kiwi Hygiene Supplies new website

search engine optimisation

Getting top rankings organically for Kiwi Hygiene Supplies means great organic sales alongside their paid marketing campaigns. 

digital marketing / google ads

We created a tailored Google Ad Campaign to get their new website in front of their target audience with their key products and services. This drives huge online sales, whilst also providing clear ROI in easy to understand reports.

Like they all say, the proof is in the pudding! Through our collaborative efforts, we’ve witnessed huge growth in sales, conversions, engagements and more. 

Looking forward, we’re excited to continue this momentum and achieve even greater wins over the years to come!

organic social media

Kiwi Hygiene Supplies underwent a complete social media makeover! 

We started from scratch, delving into their core values, products, and unique stories to share with the online community.

Using a mix of eye-catching graphics, customer testimonials, product promos, educational reels, and a touch of entertainment…we’ve given their social platforms a fresh, exciting vibe that resonates with their audience like never before!

Kiwi Hygiene Supplies before and after social media

marketing strategy

Great results come from great planning. We’ve worked closely with Paul to develop the marketing strategy for how we get in front of Kiwi Hygiene Supplies’ key audience, nurture and support their journey via the online platform, through to after sales support, systems and processes.

Website Redesign

Google Ads

Social Media

Search Engine Optimisation

Email Marketing

Marketing Strategy

"Anna has done a fabulous job redesigning the Kiwi Hygiene website, and I would highly recommend Innovate Digital for the Professional approach to detail!"
Paul Rigden
Paul Rigden
Kiwi Hygiene Supplies