Is this the end of Facebook and Instagram Shops?

On April 27 2023, Meta dropped the shattering news that Shops will no longer be supported in New Zealand going forward. For years, businesses have enjoyed the simplicity of creating online stores through Facebook and Instagram and having their clients complete their shopping experience off-platform. With Meta’s massive upcoming changes, this is no longer going to be possible.

So what does this mean to your business?

What are Facebook and Instagram Shops?

Example Facebook shop

Facebook and Instagram Shops are created by uploading a feed to your Commerce Account, or by creating a manual feed of products for your Commerce Account. These are called Catalogues. Your Catalogue can be synced to your Facebook Shop and Instagram shop where users can browse your inventory and complete an off-platform purchase.

You can also tag your products when creating posts and reels to help users discover your products.

What is changing with Shops?

Changes to shops in Facebook and Instagram

Beginning August 10, 2023, businesses in New Zealand will no longer be able to use Shops on Facebook or Instagram. Shops will only be available to certain countries where Meta are offering an on-platform checkout experience. This is currently available in the US with more countries like Australia being integrated soon.

How can I continue to promote my products on Facebook or Instagram?

Engage with your customers on social media

If you are a New Zealand based business, you will have a few options to continue to promote your products through Facebook and Instagram.

By running an Advantage+ Shopping Campaign

Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns are paid ad campaigns that allow you to market your products on Facebook. Meta’s AI machine learning will take care of most of the details, and shoppers will still be able to checkout through your website.

By running Messaging campaigns to encourage conversation with your clients

Many purchases begin with a conversation. Messaging campaigns encourage customers to start conversations with sellers, to help nurture them towards making a purchase.

By creating engaging Reels and posts to highlight your products

Reels are still one of the most highly engaged content options on Facebook and Instagram and offer an organic way to get in front of your customers. Create engaging Reels and post daily for the best impact and reach.

How else can I promote my products?

Google Ads for fire extinguishers

With the massive changes freshly announced by Meta, it helps us to remember the importance of having our own customer base that we own. Some of the ways you can get ahead of the changes in social platforms, are:

  • Ensure you have your own email list, and stay actively engaged with your customers.
  • Ensure your ecommerce website is well optimised for ranking in search engines
  • Run Google Ads and Google Shopping Ad Campaigns to help shoppers find your products


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After the bombshell Meta have just dropped, many businesses might be wondering what next? Now is the time to get ahead of the change. Talk to you customers and let them know where they will be able to shop with you after August 2023. Ensure you have your email list active and you are actively engaging with your customers. Start learning how to create engaging Reels and other content to stay in front of your customers.

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