5 ways to support small businesses

As small business owners, we understand the impact of great support from other businesses and genuinely great humans. It doesn’t have to cost you a cent, it might just take 5 minutes of your day to help your local, favourite small business, but those 5 minutes might make a huge difference in that businesses success and in how the people running it feel.

1. Write a great review

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Number one in our top ways to support small businesses is to write them a great review. Find them on Google Business, on Facebook, on LinkedIn or directly on their website and leave them a 5 star review.

If you are in a hurry, just leaving 5 stars is all you need to do. But if you have a few minutes, telling them what they did that was so great can really boost moral and make someone’s day. It’s also very useful for others who like to read reviews to decide on which business they are going to trust with their patronage.

If you are feeling a bit let down by a business, leaving a poor review can help them understand those areas they can find improvement in their business, so don’t feel like you can’t leave a truthful review. If they reach out to help you resolve your issue, consider changing your review rating.

2. Shop local

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Choosing local stores can be a little more costly sometimes, but choosing to shop local means supporting your community, contributing to the local economy, and helping to create jobs and livelihoods for your neighbours.

Shopping locally also reduces environmental impact since local shops often source products from nearby, minimizing transportation emissions.

Local businesses are also more likely to give back to their community through donations and sponsorships to local teams, schools and charities.

3. Spread the word

Support local businesses like The House of Acupuncture

If you’ve had a great experience with a small business, don’t hold back! Tell your friends and colleagues, leave a great review, write a post on social and tag them in.

Sharing your great experience will help create trust and brand awareness in that business.

Referrals sometimes contribute to a huge portion of a small businesses’ customers and they are often the best customers too. So go on, spread the word!

4. Engage on social media

Helping to support a small business can be as easy as following their social media accounts, engaging on their content and sharing their posts.

Post engagement can be as easy as reacting to the post. But getting involved in their conversation is even better. Respond to questions, ask questions, tell your own story – these are great ways to make an effective difference in their social media presence.

And don’t forget to leave a review on their social pages.

5. Pay full price

Support small businesses like Affordable Moving Solutions

As kiwis we’re pretty good at haggling for the lowest price and sometimes expect lower prices because we are friends with that business. But the truth is, small businesses are sometimes struggling the most to cover expenses. They’re trying to pay fair wages, grow their team, give the best service and products, and compete with the big companies, so consider paying full price.

“Stop asking for “friend” discounts. If you want to help your friends who are entrepreneurs—buy, use, and tell others about their products. The friend discount is you taking from them, not giving to them.

Alex Hormozi”


The Innovate Digital marketing team in Christchurch

Supporting small businesses has lots of great advantages that also help support you in the process. It’s better for your local neighbourhood, better for the environment and better for your local economy. So next time you’re thinking about where to shop, think local, think small business.

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