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5 common website mistakes

Have you checked your business’ website is set up correctly? A simple mistake in your website setup can result in a lost sale, lowered rankings by Google, or visitors feeling confused or unhappy. Let’s make sure your website is working as hard as you are!

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Are Pop-Ups Ruining your SEO Ranking?

SEO is a tricky game. Even when you think you’ve got your website in a sweet spot, there’s still more to consider: turning those Google visitors into loyal customers. Could pop-ups be secretly sabotaging your SEO mojo? Let’s get into it! 

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8 steps to building a great website

Most businesses know they need to have a website so that they can get in front of their audience, tell their story, and sell their products and services. But what many miss are the foundations that need to go into building that website for it to power growth in your business.

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