Social Marketing

The importance of email newsletter marketing

Is having an email list important?

If you'd said to me a year ago that the most important client list you could have was your email list, I would have laughed and truly thought you were joking. "Email is dead" I would have said, "you're better off marketing through Google, Facebook,...

Grow your business with customer loyalty

How to Engage with Customers Online

With up to 61% of business transactions coming from repeat customers, its important to learn how to engage with your customers online effectively. We'v put together 8 points of action to help you work out how....

Google+ social icon

Google+ is Going Away

You may have recently received an email from Google letting you know that Google+ is going away on April 2 2019. What is Google+? Google+ is Google's version of social media. In the wake of the huge success of other social media such as Facebook, Google+ didn't...